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The semedori W1 gains one point.


White has 5 ko threats which should be enough to win the last ko.

  • Black: 78 points
  • White: 74.5 points
  • Result: B+3.5 -> that is the semedori at W1 gains one point.

Bill: I believe that this is orthodox play.


W1 is an ambiguous move, gaining 1 point, and B2 is a 1 point reverse sente. W3 is a 2/3 point sente, and W5 is a 1/3 point gote, leaving B6 and W7 miai.

The score is the same as above, but White does not have to win a ko fight.

tapir: Thank you. So it boils down to play the 1 point sente/ambiguous/gote? instead of the 0 point sente (in the game). I thought this may be a good semedori example, but it seems that it isn't. What is the result with W3 at B4?

What next - a b or c?  

tapir: the idea would be that if black wants to destroy the white point with b and can't risk a ko threatening seki white ends a fraction of a point better here...

What next - a b or c?  

Now white captures the ko in sente. And then proceeds to play x. However the mistake may be white invested two points here, so has to win the ko to arrive at the same score. Correct?


What next.  

W3 is another way to play the top. Better in terms of ko threats, but ko threats do not matter here. W5 is sente. Then W7 resolves the ko situation. The score is the same. :)

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