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White to play  

White to play  

LukeNine45: Four points in sente? I think there are a couple ways of reaching this result. I think B2 elsewhere dies.

White to play  

Bill: B2 makes a eye on the right.

White to play  

LukeNine45: Guess that's why I'm still a kyu player... Hopefully I didn't misread this one...

Bill: Well done, Luke! :-) Right tesuji, but it's a 5 point sente.

White to play  

unkx80: You are lucky that there is a cutting point at a and a liberty at b. Otherwise, W3 can play the placement here and W7 at c would kill...

Now, if W7 at d, then it becomes a 9 point gote for White.

White to play  

Actually, playing B2 here lives, and the value is still 5 points sente for White.

Bill: Thanks, unkx80! :-)

Sorry, Luke, unkx80's solution diagram is correct. I had not thought of your B2, but it seemed like another solution, perhaps better, because of ko threats. I did not bother to calculate unkx80's first diagram, thinking I knew its value. Because White's capture at 'd' is so large (3 1/6 by miai counting), his sequence becomes a 5 5/6 point sente. Your B2 loses 5/6 of a point.

LukeNine45: Rather ironically, that's why I had B2 where it was in the first attempt. The second time I was hallucinating that B6 could be at c (in unkx80's first diagram) but now it's clear that that dies. Thanks for a great reading exercise!

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