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Solution 1  

Black cuts at B1, then peeps at B3. If White answers at W5, Black plays at B4 and gets a ko. If White answers at W4 or W6, this variation occurs. Black captures two stones in sente, and White's corner is worth 4 points. W6 is needed, otherwise Black W6, White a, Black W6, and White cannot atari at b due to shortage of liberties.

Solution 2  

B1 here is also a solution. White's best move is W2. After this, White is unconditionally alive, but Black can capture two stones in sente with B3. Note the tesuji of B5 that reduces White's territory by one point, without it White will defend at B5 and the corner becomes 5 points. W8 is needed for preventing a snapback at a, and the end result is exactly the same as the previous solution: Black reduced White's corner to 4 points.

Solution 3  

Dieter: I believe playing at the vital point B1 right away also helps. Here are the possible continuations:

  • Wa - Bd - We - Bc = ko
  • Wb - Bd - We - Bc = ko (almost the same sequence)
  • Wc - Bd - We - Ba = life for White and Black captures two stones

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