Driving Tesuji Problem 1 / Attempts

Well, since it's called "Driving Tesuji Problem 1," the first move is pretty obvious, looking at the eponymous page...

Alex's Attempt  

This looks good. The marked White stone is disposable. If Black pushes upwards with 6...

Alex's Attempt  

It's still pretty good for White, sacrificing one more stone (White 1 is now disposable too).


Alex's Attempt (ii)  

B 1 is big. If White plays there she threatens a.

I like simple ...  
Bad for Black  
So perhaps ...  

Charles Matthews After Black 4, I wouldn't want to be White here. The group is too heavy.

Proposed alternate solution

It's not in the solution, but doesn't this also prevent the Black stone on the right from joining?

Please tell me what is wrong with this one...  
... continued...  
...another continued variation...  

White has sente this way?

W3 is bad?  

I think if White tries W3 in response to B2, there is the feeling that White hasn't claimed anything of substance. Those four White stones are weak.

White loses influence in this one...  
Liberties are important  

Herman: After B2, black+circle still has 4 liberties. With the driving tesuji, white can force that stone's liberties down to 3 in sente.

After B2, white must defend, so:

Under attack  

Herman: You proposed W3, but since the marked white stone is not important, capturing that is an endgame move for black. So instead, black could attack with B4 and B6. After the driving tesuji, B4 is not sente.

Taking that liberty  

Herman: An alternative here is for white to take that black liberty with W3. Now black has no sente moves here. Note, however, that this diagram looks very much like the diagram after the driving tesuji, but in that diagram white gets stones at all the points marked a, in exchange for the marked stone white+circle, which is captured by black. That exchange definitely favors white, who gets a much bigger and stronger wall in exchange for a few points (which black can get in this diagram as well, should he so choose.


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