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Problem 3  

Obviously playing underneath makes sense.

Then there's:

Problem 3  

which is an obvious snapback and I doubt white would think to play 1 anyway.

snapback hallucination  

tderz: in above diagram, White is a bit too much fixed on this whole snapback theme,
even anticipating it when not present:
after B2, Black was indeed threatening snapback a, if he had enough time & liberties,
however, both white+circle and black+circle have two liberties now and White has sente, thus she plays W3 = b and captures the black+circle in time.

snapback hallucination - normal capture  

tderz: this is the result, hence only Black B2 = c would be the right answer, if White was to chose W1 as shown here.

normal reduction to 1 eye  

tderz: Please notice, that there is no ko option left, as Black a, White b etc. ends in self-atari e and capture f.
However, if White (assuming an enormous ko-threat surplus) was to start with W3 = e,
Black might chose to connect at g to remove even this remote, disadvanageous ko-aji of White.


Problem 3  

With a as a snapback, that was the first one I thought of but...well I don't know, these problems make no sense to me. We know who's going to win because the problem says black plays first, to kill. So it seems like any white move makes is doomed by the definition of the problem.

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