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Aganju: okay, here is my attempt: (Actually, the task was 'Black to live', but by killing white, black is living)

W4 at B1  

A throw-in at B1, and then B3 atari to force white to use up her liberties.

White is dead.  

Let's first look at W6 below black+circle: White cannot play W8 at a because of self atari. After B9, if white takes at either a or b, black replays black+circle or B9 for the double snapback.

unkx80: W8 at B9? =)

White is so dead.  

If W6 instead here, white is helpless after B7. Any approach move at a, b, or c is self-atari.
Black can play b and then a at leisure; and finally c for the kill.

better survive smaller  

So white has to give up the three stones on the right with W4.

Now maybe the whole concept would work even better if the sequence is changed? Starting with B5, and playing B1/B3 later might kill white for sure? (I leave that for someone else to analyze)

Yes, the throw-in reduces White's liberties in some lines, but Black's in others. So Black should wait to play it until they see which way White plays.

W8 connects at B5  
White can't connect at B7  
Black has the liberties  
W6 connects at B3, can't approach B7  

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