Don't build influence in the direction of stable positions

    Keywords: Strategy, Proverb

Example 1


In this diagram, Black's choice of joseki in the left corner is doubtful. Up to B4 he builds influence in the direction of the marked White stone which is part of a low and stable position.


This pincer may be a better idea. Black will perhaps himself develop a low and stable position at the bottom. Alternatively, he goes for the corner with a.


Maybe Black erred earlier and should have played the avalanche with B2 here, because his marked stone emphasizes influence along the bottom.

Example 2

Yasui vs. Ito  

In a game with Yasui Sanchi, Ito Showa played B1.

Yasui - Ito, wrong way  

B1 here makes a big wall, but the stable group (white+circle) renders it ineffective.

Commentary by Kajiwara in Genbi, Shuntetsu, Sentoku: Nihon Igo Taikei 12 (Genbi, Shuntetsu, Sentoku: Outline of Japanese Go History vol. 12), p. 103.

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