Dictionary of Basic Fuseki, Vol. 3 / Db Refs

References to ease looking up the games referred to in this book in a games database. Useful if you want to follow the book commentary on your computer.

References starting with 'g' are identifiers in the GoGoD database, 's' ones are in the SmartGo database. (The intention is to be able to include references to other databases too.)

Dictionary of Basic Fuseki, vol. 3, ISBN: 1-889554-89-8

p2 -
p3 s1813-10-00na
p3 s1826-11-17nb
p4 s1835-11-17na
p4 s1843-06-21na
p5 s1847-02-17nb
p5 s1640-00-00na
p6 s1847-10-21na
p7 s1846-08-04na
p9 s1849-11-05na
p11 s1851-10-28na
p13 -
p15 s1930-11-12nb
p16 s1886-08-06na
p17 s1847-07-13nb
p21 s1905-05-04na
p23 -
p23 s1964-04-30na
p24 s1923-06-03na
p25 s1904-07-10na
p25 s1907-05-19na
p27 s1871-05-05ja
p29 s1918-02-24na
p31 s1953-06-26na
p33 s1961-09-21nb
p34 s1931-01-29na
p35 s1837-05-18na
p35 s1846-07-21na
p37 s1966-01-23na
p39 s1966-09-01na
p39 s1971-00-00ob
p41 s1971-02-16na
p42 -
p43 s1899-03-19na
p43 -
p45 -
p47 s1951-06-27nb
p49 s1958-00-00nf
p50 s1957-01-16nb
p51 -
p51 s1928-03-00nb
p53 s1958-07-19na
p55 s1958-02-03na
p57 s1958-10-18na
p57 s1959-02-18nb
p59 s1967-11-08nc
p61 s1966-04-28na
p61 s1966-00-00nb
p62 s1966-08-13na
p63 -
p63 s1963-00-00nw
p65 -
p67 s1968-06-10na
p67 s1969-04-30na
p69 s1968-04-15na
p71 s1969-08-21na
p71 s1975-07-10nc
p72 s1968-08-30na
p73 s1884-12-21na
p73 s1966-00-00nh
p75 s1967-05-23na
p77 s1967-06-12na
p80 s1970-05-07nb
p81 -
p81 s1945-11-23na
p83 s1870-05-16na
p83 s1961-11-22nb
p87 s1965-09-18na
p89 s1971-04-26na
p89 s1971-06-29na
p90 s1968-08-21na
p90 s1957-02-28na
p92 s1678-10-14na
p93 s1578-00-00nb
p93 s1692-12-07na
p94 s1822-11-15na
p95 s1715-11-14nb
p97 -
p99 s1897-09-19na
p101 s1932-04-13nb
p102 s1861-11-07na
p103 s1706-02-00nb
p105 s1820-11-17nb
p107 s1895-12-10na
p109 -
p110 s1926-09-27na
p111 -
p111 s1804-11-17nb
p113 s1895-11-29na
p115 s1941-00-00nq
p115 s1952-07-09na
p117 s1953-11-19na
p120 s1967-08-09na
p121 s1928-04-25nd
p125 s1946-10-24na
p127 s1958-09-24na
p128 s1971-07-07na
p129 -
p131 -
p133 s1952-08-06na
p135 -
p136 s1972-01-18na
p137 s1956-04-04nb
p137 s1961-00-00nv
p139 s1967-08-30na
p143 s1968-05-09nb
p143 s1974-06-26na
p144 s1706-02-14na
p145 s1696-11-29na
p145 s1684-12-16nb
p147 s1857-08-25na
p149 s1939-06-11na
p151 s1950-06-27na
p152 s1840-11-29na
p153 s1715-11-14na
p157 s1766-12-06na
p159 s1835-07-19nc
p160 s1966-01-26na
p161 s1957-02-11na
p163 -
p165 s1965-12-08na
p167 s1970-09-15nb
p168 s1971-10-05na
p171 s1970-10-16na
p173 s1971-02-23na
p173 s1971-08-21na
p175 s1977-08-25na
p176 s1977-09-08nb
p177 s1970-01-20na
p179 s1973-08-28na
p181 s1975-12-11na
p185 s1975-10-22na
p186 s1953-04-12na
p187 s1705-11-24na
p187 s1846-02-14na
p189 s1938-06-26na
p191 -
p193 s1976-00-00na
p195 s1977-03-30na
p196 s1973-09-25na
p199 -
p201 s1965-01-19na
p204 s1976-03-25na
p205 s1969-04-17nab
p205 s1970-11-25nb
p207 s1970-03-05na
p209 s1971-00-00nk
p209 s1972-06-16na
p212 s1976-09-29na
p213 s1974-08-14na
p218 s1976-03-11ne
p220 s1976-10-14nc
p221 -
p221 s1971-12-01nb

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