Defending a Base on the Side

  Difficulty: Intermediate   Keywords: MiddleGame, Tactics
Base stealing suji 2 - bad response  

spindizzy1976 I've learned that the two space extension is a standard way to make a base on the side, but what's the correct way to defend against a play at B1? As far as I can tell, hane over the top gives black enough space to connect out or make eyes, even in the absence of supporting stones.

Base stealing suji 2a  

LCZLAPINSKI The book response to 1 is usually underneath at 2. This position is bad for black. Black has two weak stones which are not strategically important.

Base stealing suji 2 - bad response part 2  

Here is a case where black gets eyes in that tiny space. It looks like white gets some influence to one side, black gets the other. But influence is not going to be much use if the opponent is already strong in the area. Also, the cutting point at a looks horrible.

xela: With no other stones nearby, this looks like a great result for white: the white influence is worth much more than black's barely-alive group. Of course, if black has strong positions on both sides, then it looks a bit different, and white might consider defending before black gets a chance to attack.

Base stealing suji 2 - good response?  

spindizzy1976 Playing underneath is maybe the correct way?

Is this the best that white can do, with B6 at a or b? It looks like white will get one eye, plus a chance to run to the centre if the surrounding black stones aren't too strong. However, white has no territory and a weak group to worry about whereas black seems to be in a fairly comfortable situation.

Anyway, if you know you'll have to run for the centre eventually, why bother making a base at all?

Bill: White can play a two step hane here.

Bad bargain  

Bill: Capturing white+circle is a bad bargain for Black.

Black is low  

Bill: So Black has nothing better locally than B1. Black can make life, but is very low. White's thickness looks good.

White makes a base  

Vincent: White can easily make a base if the situation calls for it.

Anon: This looks horrible for Black, as it is as if he has been haned twice at the head of two'.

another way  

zinger: This is another method for connecting against the inside attachment. a and b are now miai. Of course this depends on the surroundings (black may play a and then run to the left), but it is an option.

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