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DieterVerhofstadt: Robert, I know you think poorly of most English publications in terms of their topic coverage. Do the essays of RichardHunter on CountingLiberties and capturing races get a higher rating ? In any case, they are a rare example of theory then examples and very straight forward and to the point. Is this the style of writing on go theory that you have in mind ?

RobertJasiek: I have not read the BGJ articles nor seen the new Slate and Shell book yet. I see only the [ext] Liberty Counting Tables. I like that they are systematic. However, they are simplifying, basic knowledge only, and presumably Richard's book contains more details. Certainly, such a table allows a first theory, then examples approach. So in principle what Richard is doing there is promising. On the other hand, currently I do not think that one can treat semeais and liberty counts thoroughly in just one book, unless it is meant to be an introduction into the topic just for kyu players. If it is just one book, then - judging from nothing but the table so far - I would presumably set a Rank Improvement rating as o, +, or ++ but a Topical Coverage rating at - or --. If the book contained really dense theoretical contents, then it might get a o rating. If it is strictly about semeais and nothing else and contains very convincing research, then I might even issue a + rating. However, I have a rough idea of what semeai theory can be about and how extensive theory can become here, so a ++ rating for Topical Coverage is hardly possible with a single volume book. I know that I could write a + book (or series of books) on semeais but I would need about half a year of non-stop research! You should not underestimate the complexity of semeais...

I do not give higher ratings just because theory and examples are given in a book; it also depends on how well the theory is treated and presented. Anyway; I have to see his book before I could actually rate it.

I do not say that there would be only one good style of writing. Instead I say that so far too few books use some good style at all.

I think poorly of most English books' topical coverage, yes. However, on average Asian books are worse:)

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