Construction Problem 1 / Attempts

27 Stones  

This is my attempt. (All of the stones must be solidly connected, else pieces can be cut off given infinite white moves.) -- Blake

Blake's 27 stones solution does not work: If white gets arbitrarily many free moves, she can form a living group. -- Pyramids

27 Stones: Counterexample  

29 Stones Solution  

This is my best attempt. -- Pyramids

How about something like this:

43 black stones  

A couple freebies, I think:

45 black stones  

45 stones are not bad, but there is still a lot of room for improvement!

43 stones  

LukeNine45: Not an improvement, but it looks nicer! :)

46 black stones  

2 eyes just weren't enough :-) --Bass

47 black stones  

An "obvious" enhancement. --Bass

50 stones  

Shape seems to be the key here.

52 stones  

Small improvement.

53 stone chandelier  

Yes, the shape you used is indeed vastly better. Here's my go at it. --Bass

ferdi: The following try isn't in the running because changing the conditions doesn't count as solution ;-)

If you allow positions where every stone in the group is necessary and the group cannot be reinforced further, but you omit the infinite white moves rule, then seki is possible:

46 stones in the large black group  

(Most 2-group sekis do not fulfill this requirement, because one or more stones could be removed and they would still be seki.)

Eric Boesch?


I fail to see the necessity of, say, the marked stones. Dieter


In above diagram marked black stone is taken way. White can now capture some black stones...

Dieter: Yes, very deceptive ...

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