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A new European Go Grand Prix. Sponsored by the Beijing Zong Yi Yuan Cheng Culture Communication Co. Ltd. CEGO is an abbreviation of that company. Its official website is [ext] here.

The idea is to have a Grand Prix circuit - European players play in a series of tournaments throughout the year. The highest placed players in the grand prix standings then play in the Promotion Tournament. There will be several inter-related tournaments: Grand Slam Tournament, Level A Tournament, and Level B Tournament - collectively called Bonus Point Tournaments. In January 2015 a Level C Tournament was introduced.

The main tournament of the European Go Congress will always be classed as a Level A tournament. Up to 4 Grand Slam events are allowed per year. For the other categories, the following ranges are set:

  • Level C up to 8 per year
  • Level B from 4 to 6 per year
  • Level A from 2 to 3 per year

There is an additional Qualification Event. In this event, 2 qualification spots to the Grand Slam event are available, for those who have not already qualified.

Points Structure
Place Lvl C Lvl B Lvl A G.Slam
1 8 12 18 32
2 6 9 13 24
3 4 6 9 16
4 2 4 6 11
5 1 2 5 7
6 0 1 2 5
7 0 0 1 3
8 0 0 0 2

The buy-in levels to run an event are

  • Grand Slam - 10,000 Euro
  • Level A - 3,000 Euro
  • Level B - 1,000 Euro
  • Level C - 400 Euro


  • Grand Prix: most points over the year
  • Grand Slam: knockout event with the biggest cash prize and most grand prix points
  • Finale: end of year knockout event
  • European Championship: main event for top Europeans at EGC
  • European Pro Championship: pros only

last 2 are not part of grand prix but included for context

Year Grand Prix Grand Slam Finale E.C EPC
2014 Ali Jabarin Fan Hui
2015 Ilya Shikshin Ilya Shikshin Fan Hui
2016 Ali Jabarin Ali Jabarin Ilya Shikshin Fan Hui
2017 Artem Kachanovskyj Artem Kachanovskyj Ali Jabarin Ilya Shikshin Ilya Shikshin
2018 Pavol Lisy Ilya Shikshin Ilya Shikshin Pavol Lisy Pavol Lisy
2019 Artem Kachanovsky


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