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  • How about such a change -
    • Make the listing look like the one at BeginnerExercises
    • Move all the description to a search by meaning page (BQM Categorical List) or all the catagorised enteries adding the description under the listing previously mentioned?
  • Also as for the "no need to reuse" - It kinda depends on what people want BQM to be -
    • A list of questions?
    • A temporary place where the anwsered questions are moved to other pages if possible?
    • Of course a combination is possible - Taking the movable questions and moving them but leaving the BQM pages as alias...


mAsterdam: A number isn't meaningful. Any other way to get to some content (names, links) is preferable most of the time. However, when you want you to put a question or start a discussion and you don't really know yet where the content is going, it is good to have some neutral hook. This is where the BQM list serves well. The RecentChangesJunkies will notice. After a while, though, when the discussion has cooled down, the context is clear. If there is a better hook than a number, we can make it so: integrate the question/the discussion into the rest of SL. BQM Categorical List is a step in that direction, IMHO. I agree with you that it would be nice to have the short description there.

tapir: Added headings in 2011 to make navigation by TOC possible.

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