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References to ease looking up the games referred to in this book in a games database. Useful if you want to follow the book commentary on your computer.

References starting with 'g' are identifiers in the GoGoD database, 's' ones are in the SmartGo database. (The intention is to be able to include references to other databases too.)

p15 s1987-11-19nc
p21 -
p29 -
p35 -
p47 s1985-04-27na
p55 -
p61 s1984-03-15nd
p71 -
p79 -
p87 -
p92 s1961-01-18nd, move 39
p93 -
p96 s1991-01-30nb, move 79
p99 s1988-04-07nd, move 56
p103 -
p109 -
p113 s1895-12-15na, move 92
p119 -, [ext]
p125 s1988-01-21nd
p133 -
p139 -
p145 s1903-02-24na
p151 s1852-11-17nc
p159 s1852-11-17nf
p163 s1900-05-23na
p169 -
p175 s1851-12-27na
p181 s1849-11-17nd

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