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B1 connects the three stones outside, as shown by the exchange of W2 and B3. Now W4 and B5 are miai, so White has only eye at the side.


The usual block at B1 fails, because it allows the dual-purpose move of W2. It threatens capturing the three Black stones at B3 as well as making the second eye at W4.


B1 tries to apply the first-line large knight's move connection technique, but W2 to W6 captures one Black stone and lives.


B1 tries the other diagonal. However, W4 is sente and forcing B5 if Black insists on the kill. Now after W6 and B7, W8 can atari.


This variation does not kill either. The variations after W4 is left as a reading exercise.

Another attempt  

While white cannot run, can she kill the black stones in the corner after this? Or is there a better option for her?

xela: W4 is a mistake. See the next diagram.

Failure for black  

This could be a better option. Black can start squeezing at a, but I don't think that Black can manage to live inside with two eyes, and it seems to me that white can win the capturing race (not entirely sure though, looks complicated, maybe Black can get seki? Anyway, the connection in the solution is certainly better and simpler).

xela: Yes, I'm pretty sure that white wins the capturing race. I won't add variations, because there's a lot of options, and it takes us too far away from the idea of beginner exercise. I'll just point out that white has a lot of outside liberties.

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