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Solution (W6 at B3).  

B1 immediately makes an eye. If white plays W2 (or a or b), then the throw-in at B3 will catch the three White stones in a connect-and-die with B5 for the second eye. Of course in an actual game, white wouldn't connect with W6 but would play elsewhere.


If W2 avoids the connect-and-die, then B3 captures three White stones in a connect-and-die.

Failure I.  

Do not make unneccessary sente moves like B1, because it reduces Black's liberties. After W6, Black cannot atari at a without putting the entire Black group into self-atari, so Black dies. B1 at W2 is a similar failure, W2 at B1 kills similarly.

Failure II.  

Ahthough B1 captures three White stones for an eye, it is played in the wrong order and so W2 destroys the other eye and kills. Note that this is similar to the box connection, a and b are miai for the connection.

Realistic play  

Bill: After B1 lives, W2 - B3 are sente, as are W4 - B5.

Realistic play (ii)  

Realistic play (iii)  

Then W1 - B4 are sente, leaving behind the small ko.

proto: I'd venture to say that this is not "realistic play" separate from the "solution" to this problem. I would say that this is the solution to the problem. This should be the solution at the top of the page, not an add-on footnote at the bottom of the page.

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