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Black to save the B2 Bombers.  

Oryx: B goes in the center of the formation at B1. W could move at W2, or similarly at a, b, or c -- they're all the same for our purposes here.

Black saves!  

B now goes in any limb that W didn't, say B3. The best that W can do is d or e, whereupon B takes whichever of those W didn't take.

White's last chance  

If W goes W1, then B connects B2, and whallah two eyes, and 4 safe (but kinda useless) B2Bombers.

It's interesting to note, that B used 27 stones to capture 2 - count 'em - points. 2/27 = .07 points per stone. Duh.

Alex Weldon: This looks right to me. I just wanted to say that when the author of the problem (unkx80, presumably) moves this to the solution page, he should make sure to add a link to Play on the point of symmetry.

unkx80: Thanks for the pointer. And by the way, it is definitely not a good idea to send four B2 bombers all into a collision course!

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