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The solution is the placement at W1 which prevents Black from making two eyes here. It simultaneously threatens the snapback at a as well as the cut at b.

Best Black play  

The best Black play is to save the remainder of the Black group with B2, allowing W3 to capture two Black stones for an eye. Note that White has an eye in the corner at a.

Black resistance  

If B2 refuses to give up the two stones, then W3 and W5 cuts. It is four liberties to two, so White wins this capturing race.

More Black resistance  

B2 here is a more interesting resistance. But W3 is an atari, making miai of the capture at a and the cut at b.


It is possible for White to save the corner group by playing first at W1, but B2 will simply make two eyes and allow W3 to connect outside. However, White did not get to capture anything. (If B2 is played at W3, then W3 can be played at B2 and revert back to the solution.)


The atari at W1 here is a mistake. After connecting at B2, if White cuts the group with W3 and W5, then B6 lives with two eyes.

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