Basic Tactics of Go

  Difficulty: Beginner   Keywords: Tactics

The fundamental tactics in go might be divided into categories, such as:

  1. tactics for direct capture (such as ladder, net, snapback, double atari)
  2. capturing races
  3. two eyes and all the associated theory of life and death
  4. cutting and connecting, starting with cutting points (see connecting techniques and cutting techniques)
  5. attack and defence of territory, as in the endgame
  6. ko (see Ko Pages - Beginner).

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RobertJasiek: The most important aspect of basic tactics is missing in this list: reading. All of tactics is about reading them. Everything else in the list is specific kinds of tactical reading. When OscarBear? deletes reading from list on the grounds that 'how to read' was not a tactic, he might be confusing tactics with techniques. This page is not a list of techniques. If it were such, then one can make a point that reading is not a technique. It is not, because it is much more general than a technique. One can argue whether he is right that 'how to read' was not a tactic (singular), but this misses the point: reading is the core of all tactics, and also of all basic tactics, (plural). Reading does not only belong to the page but it should lead the list of basic tactics.

OscarBear?: I deleted this entry because reading is not a tactic. If reading is not a basic tactic, then it should not be listed on this page. That is not to say that you have not recently written a book about reading, nor edited pages about reading. It is just to say that the basic skill of reading it not a tactic.

RobertJasiek: I see where your thinking comes from. How about a compromise of providing links?

OscarBear?: Yes, this is sensible.

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