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In my games B2 is often played . I have not found this move in joseki dictionaries. What is wrong with this move? What is the best answer? --!Uwe


White usually plays W3. The purpose of this move is to prevent Black making good shape, at the same point. Then Black usually extends to B4 (or a or b) and White extends to W5 or c. This position is considered slightly preferable for White as the corner is still open for an invasion at the 3-3 point.

But if Black already has a stone in the region of W5 , the kosumitsuke B2 is recommended.

After B2 and B4, White can extend as far as W5, a perfect use of the wall W1+W3 (see extension from a wall). Therefore this way of playing isn't usually considered joseki for Black, unless there is a further black stone on the upper side that interferes with W5.

Different situation  

Here White has to undertake something to settle her stones while the black stones flow naturally from both sides.

(For more details, please see 4-4 point diagonal attachment joseki and 4-4 point diagonal attachment, one-space jump (without pincer).)

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