BQM 585

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I don't usually play for influence, and in a game I'm currently playing as Black I seem to have ended up with a fair amount. Given the board positions I don't see an obvious way to use my thickness for fighting, and if I try to make into territory it seem like playing in any of three areas works about the same. I decided to play at as it seemed to also (modestly) put some pressure on his weakest group. I usually don't play a 2 space diagonal, but here it seemed like if he took the middle point i could cut him off. What do people think about the choices here? Also, who seems ahead? I think my position looks pretty good but my opponent is higher ranked so i wonder if I'm missing something.


19x19 diagram  

Andy: I think b is getting hosed here, but maybe the timing is right to invade at f. It's going to be tough for b to make a lot of points in the middle in my opinion.

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