BQM 277

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vulgar resistance?  

Kyu question: Up to W7 is considered even. White is mostly settled, but B2 has a lot of aji. What to do if black crudely tries to directly use this aji by escaping with B8? Anybody have reasonable continuations for white?

xela: B8 at a is more promising: see 4-4 point low approach after wedge for one possible continuation.


Bill: Well, for starters, this sequence looks very bad for Black. ;-)

Black made empty triangle, but is splitting White  

Bill: And if Black runs like so, he ends up with two weak groups, and an obviously wasted stone (black+circle).

tderz: White has two groups too and white+square-white+square-W3 are not ultra-strong :-) .
Food for thought: once Black has defended, he could activate the cut at f.
What if Black starts fighting immediately with the brutalo-cut at g ? (perhaps the white+circle-group becomes weak?)

White cuts & has 1 group  

tderz: If B2, I would prefer to cut directly with B3.

Thereby White has only one group.
This renders black+circle and B2 looking really awkward (because of the cuts) as a and b are miai.
In addition, the nice white+circle-wall enables White to play the pincer c or the invasions d or e.

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