BQM 206

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This happened in a game where I gave 9 stones to a friend:

Original position  

This is how it started, white is of course alive on the outside.

The game went like this:

Original position  

And after this I found no way that black could live, is there?

What would you have done? I haven't read/played it out, but I reckon not answering the second peep black could lose 2 stones, but live.


Joonas Tyystjarvi: I think there's at least ko here (B7 at B1, W8 at B3). To avoid this, I think in the original diagram black should play B2 at W5.

What about this?  

Dave The main line looks OK for Black since there are just enough outside liberties. Are there other choices for White that kill Black? If W2 is played at 3, it looks like at least seki to me after Black plays at 2.


Different attack  

W11 at a.

Bill: How about W5? Doesn't that work?

(If B6 at a, W8).

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