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A completely new but extremely interested player.

I am Portuguese, but living in Switzerland for a year and a half now. A programmer, I will start going to the Zurich Go Club as soon as I finish building this damned software :)

I became interested in Go because of a card game I played called Legend of the Five Rings, which had a pseudo-Japanese setting. There I learned about the Art of War, and about the correlation between Go and Battle skills. A fan of strategic wargaming, I kept Go on the back of my head until a few months ago, when I found Kiseido, played [ext] and then logged into Yahoo to play one game.

More recently, I found out about this site, started reading a bit more, installed cgoban2, and played a teaching game in kgs which increased my interest for the game tenfold.

Oh, and then I found Hikaru No Go... :)

I hope I will be able to keep my attention span focused in the game long enough for it to become a constant in my life. For now, it looks promising.

Hi Amc, where are you from in Portugal ? I've been living and playing Go in Lisboa for a year. --Dieter

Hi there. I'm from Povoa de Varzim, a small town near Porto. It is a cultural Null Zone, and I had not found online Go resources when I was there, so I only "started" a couple of months ago, firmly planted 20kms from Zurich :) --amc

My Blog was here. I moved to it's own page to keep this orderly.

My dowloadable list of games on KGS is at [ext]

For some reason, 8 ranked games in 3 days is not enough for a rank, so I have no graph. Will put it here when I do.

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