Amateur Fuseki 4

    Keywords: Opening

Could someone please comment on this fuseki? Above all I would be interested in general principles (e.g. the timing of making a shimari, length of extensions etc).

Moves 1 to 10  

Andrew Grant: B7 is premature. There is no need to invade this early. Better to make a second shimari at c. (It's possible that White should have played W6 at c to prevent this.) Once B7 is on the board I would like to play W8 at d to deny Black a base. If Black jumps out to e, then White can extend to W8.

Double shimari, but....  

Bill: B1 makes a double shimari, but then W2 is ideal for White.

Maybe it's wrong, but I hate to let my opponent make an ideal play. ;-)


How about B1? If W2, then B3 and Black has prevented White's shimari. If W4 is at a, then Black can be satisfied to have prevented White's ideal position on the right and can play B4.

Dieter: ... and amateur fuseki it is because no whole board matches this fuseki in a gobase search.

Comparable ?  

So I did a right half board search and found 4 games, one of which has this composition. Notice that white+circle is not at 4-4 and black+circle not at 3-4. B1-W6 followed. But there was one almost perfect match of the proposed diagram:

pro game  

In this game, Black invaded with B1. The only difference here is the position of white+circle. Given it is in the opposite corner, a lot can be said for B1 if white+circle is at 4-4, I guess. Still, one game is not enough a basis for proving ideas so we better think about it ourselves.

Double shimari, but....  

I like a better than b because it is severer against the corner: I don't want b to end up lonely and weak as in Bill's diagram. I like c second best after a, because the continuation as in the first pro game White d, Black e would be better for Black if the left corner stone were at hoshi.

I think the "normal" reponse would now be "a" above but I wanted to experiment a little bit and played "b" - was that bad?

Isn't black in trouble when white plays W12 at B15, since the ladder is bad for black?

Moves 11 to 20  

Andrew Grant: Another way to play instead of W4 above:

Moves 11 to 20  

If Black plays the usual joseki he ends up highly overconcentrated because of the marked stone.

Moves 21 to 30  

I was quite happy now for black - what do you think?

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