alter Pedro Teaching Game

  Difficulty: Beginner  

Ongoing Teaching game at DragonGoServer

Ongoing Teaching Game (W: Pedro 19k vs B: Flox)
with the comments made during the game translated by me (from the original portuguese)

Teaching Game (1-10)  

1. Take that! I started at the middle.
   Because I felt like it ... lol
2. ok, you did good; its a good point to start on the 9x9 board.
   I will play trying to force battles between us
3. I will try to make a diagonal ... you are going to try to cut
   through my line to steal territory and stones

hdouble: G6 or F7 would be better for Black 3, since they create a stronger link that would be harder to cut. The double-diagonal jump is not a secure extension.

Reordering the moves  

Gorobei: Does this black opening look so good now? White 2 is under little pressure and white gets to take another corner.

4. You should try to keep your stones connected (within each group,
   but on this small board there's practically only one group) ...
   the stones in diagonal the way you put them (or farther away)
   are *VERY* easy to cut through
What does White 4 achieve?  

Yes, black is disconnected, but both black stones can probably live. Is white 4 really better than just taking another corner (e.g. point a?)

5. Sure ... I should have played nearer...
   You are going to play e7?
6. a) your move (Be6):
      -- does not connect e5 and g7 (Bg5 would be better)
      -- does not get territory
      -- does not start building eyes
   b) your choice for me (We7):
      -- I do not connect my stones
      -- is not needed to keep your stones disconnected
      -- gets me some territory, but there are "bigger" places
   c) my move (Wd4):
      -- I think I can connect it to either of my other stones
      -- gets territory (also for eyes in the future)
   ahhh ... your previous move (Bg7, move 3):
     its not that you should have played nearer, for instance, h6 is
     about the same distance away but tougher to cut through
7. Hmmmm, I don't see the game the same way as
   That's why I have a high kyu...
   I played this to try to isolate your f6 stone...
   My eyes?... good point, I have to start thinking about them...:)
8. You are going round my f6 stone by the wrong side :)
   On that side there's no room for you to extend ... if you manage
   moves with a double (or triple, or 4x, ...) objective its so
   much better.
   a move by you at, for example, f4 or f3, also encloses my stone
   (more lightly) and opens your horizons for extension
   I do not know if you can get in my territory through d5-d6 (if
   you try we will have a nice fight) so I'm going on getting
   territory; if you get too much involved in capturing f6 I do
   not mind at all.
9. right ... I have to play and think of the next moves...
   well, i will try to get into your territory...:)
10. after all you can get in easily :)
    well ... I will try to minimize my losses and
    later expand to either (or both) sides

alter Pedro Teaching Game last edited by Sebastian on November 18, 2004 - 06:19
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