Aji Example 4

    Keywords: Tactics
From a game.  

This is taken from a three stone handicap game. I am not sure if the Black player does not know how to play the joseki.

From a game.  

The development of the upper left corner halted temporarily with B8, and both players played elsewhere after that.

However, we can see that Black's position is full of bad aji. This includes White starting a fight by pulling out at a, also, the cutting points at b and c are also aji.

For the purposes of aji discussion, it is rather obvious that B6 leaves behind serious bad aji. It should have been played at c or W7 instead.

From a game  

A possible future development might be for White to cut at W1, although this never happened in the game.

From a game  

Immediately the aji gets further exposed: White can cause further damage by playing at W1 and W3. Black will lose a group of three stones due to connect and die or snapback.

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