Aji Example 3

    Keywords: Tactics

In aji example 1, we showed that a Black atari at W2 ended up in the marked stone being useless, a serious case of korigatachi. Therefore, Black may decide to capture the stone differently.


Depending on the conditions, White may decide to proceed peacefully as in the diagram. He sacrifices a stone at W2, and then makes outward influence with good shape. Now, ...


There is no way that White can save his marked stones immediately. The moment a white stone is placed at one of the circled points, however, the potential of those stones comes to life and the lower black stones are threatened with capture.

No sacrifice  

W6 On the other hand, why should White sacrifice his stones at all?

B7 Because Black isn't exactly dead here either. It may be better for White to close off the area behind, as in the first diagram, leaving himself with no defects and Black with a problem for later.

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