9x9 Openings in More Depth

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I was inspired by the named openings on 9x9 Openings (Discussion), so I decided to list a few more with my own names.

These openings are all from dan vs. dan games on OGS.

Monteo (8D) Most strong players do well at the opening. They can copy moves from stronger players successfully. However, most of them made poor decisions in the middle game, when a single little wrong move can usually determine who will win. Thatís why AlphaGo Zero pays very little attention at the opening, by opening with the same pattern. Focus more on the middle game. Knowing which move is the best choice for each turn is the key to success.

Heavenly Sake  
Hunchback in the Corner  
Loser Sign  
Cowardly Knight  
Three in a Row  
Touch the Stars  
Tengen Tobi  
Wizard's Hat  
Starry Hillside  
Scared of the Snow  

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