3-4 point high approach, two-space high pincer, ogeima, Cho's variation

  Difficulty: Expert   Keywords: Joseki

This W1 was first played by Cho Chikun in the 2000 Kisei title match (against O Rissei). B2 and W3 are the most common continuation, but either move can be played at a as well. Black's play there will be discussed as well, if white plays there, she reverts to the normal joseki, having avoided some of the more complicated variations. After this diagram, black can play b or c.

original variation  

B1 was the standard continuation in the 2000s, but since then has been surpassed by B7. The continuation to W4 is forced. B5 forces W6 after which black cuts with B7, ending the joseki. White has taken territory in sente, while black has built influence. B5-W6-B7 is preferred over the order B7-W6-B5, because the latter leaves white the choice to play atari at B6 before W5, giving up sente for a bigger corner and an option to slide into the top.

Main continuation  

The more modern play is to cut at B1 without playing a. This shows the most usual variation. White is not sealed in, but black has more options against her.

Connecting (black 5 captures at the marked stone)  

Instead of W4, black can also play at B1 to link up his stones, giving up some of the aji against the white corner for greater thickness.


The other alternative for black (instead of a) is to bump into the stone with B1 here. This leads to a long fighting sequence. The moves upto B5 are standard; W6 is most usual by far, but other moves or even tenuki have been attempted.


Black blocks with B1, allowing white to cut with W2. With the following moves, black harasses white's corner group, but his own group on the right is not yet alive either.


B1 threatens to outright kill white with a, so white defends with W2 (or b). Now that white lives, black has to come back to his own group with B3, after which the fighting spreads onto the right side. W4 is by far the most usual move, but after this the joseki branches out.


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