What happens here?  

To me (around KGS 5k) the likely continuation would be something like this.

What happens here?  

This can't possibly be right because white's position is ruined. But what is the correct continuation? \[Durak\]

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What professionals do in similar situations...  

According to a game database that is what professionals play here fairly regularly. Here the White position is ruined as well, and White offers even three bonus stones (which black usually don't tries to take for the moment). The reason is, black+circle was threatening exactly this, and White did ignore it on purpose to play a big move somewhere else, so White is a move behind and has to expect a black invasion like this. In your second diagram, I don't think White is especially bad after connecting at a. Always remember White got a big move elsewhere. The following is a proposal what to you may want to do, if you intend to ignore the black approach. Exchange white+circle for black+circle before leaving it as it is.

Another idea (from a professional game) - white+circle defends the cut at b  
Another idea (from a professional game) - cont. Black sacrifices a stone for sente  

- Ok, thanks for your help Durak?

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