3-3 point invasion query 6

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Taw: What about this one? Normal joseki doesn't seem to work, but is there some other way to make life ?

Charles Here the invasion white+circle should die: but there are some complexities.

White 2 may cause a loss  

This suggested choice of W2 could cause a major loss in some cases. But not with this choice of B3. Now W4 at a expects to live somehow.

zinger: the position after W2 can also be reached by an invasion of a keima shimari, i.e. W1 at W2, black+circle, white+circle. This may be more common.

Tough continuation  

After B5 here White has a dead shape in the corner. Therefore W4 is wrong.

Try for ko  

Moving W4 to the 2-2 point, as here, is an attempt to make ko after B8, W7. But Black gets round this with the placement at B7. White is dead after B9, but has some aji at a or b.

A better way  

White can simply play W1 and W3 here, to which B4 is the natural answer to try for an outright kill. Then White has some good aji at a. This is better than the previous variations that have a white stone at b - would White play there now?


The most usual reason for White to play out the exchange white+circle/black+circle here, which is seen in high-level games, is to make W1 a better play. Now White has the endgame move at a, which Black can't resist because after Black b, White c, Black d, White e, White is alive in the corner.

another idea  

Calvin: Another idea which is common in pro play is for white to attach at W1 directly, even if there is no helping stone near c. W1 makes miai of a and b. If black plays a, white can make a position on the left side. If black plays b, attempting to seal white in, it is not clear white can live but the aji will be bad.


Timm(5k): How to answer this ? I'm also interested in the answer if there is a Black stone at circle (if that makes a big difference).


p.s. Oh, I think I've found my answer. Is this way to play correct ?

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