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MtnViewMark: Handling of Komi and Handicap (2007-05-08 17:31) [#3342]

I'm unclear on the handling of komi and handicap in Chinese Counting and Scoring.

Komi seems easier: If you are counting both sides, then komi can be be factored by one of:

  • simply adding the Komi to White's score
  • adding 1/2 the Komi to White's score, and subtracting 1/2 the Komi from Black's score
  • subtracting the Komi from Black's score

All three of these result in the same outcome. But the middle option maintains the check that Black's score + White's score + non-scoring points = points on board.

If you are doing half-counting, then seems you have these options:

  • When couting Black
    • subtract 1/2 the komi from Black's score
    • add 1/2 the komi to the "half count"
  • When counting White
    • add 1/2 the komi to White's score
    • subtract 1/2 the komi to the "half count"

Again same outcomes either way, but adjusting the score keeps the sums working (2 * half count + non-scoring = points on board).

Which of these do people do?

Handicap seems to pose the same questions, though different options:

  • do nothing
  • add the handicap to White's score
  • add 1/2 the handicap to White's score, subtract 1/2 the handicap from Black's score
  • adjust the "half count" by the adding/subtracting 1/2 the handicap when counting Black/White
  • add the handicap - 1 to White's score

The first option, do nothing, seems to me that the value of handicap stones will be slightly greater than with Territory Scoring. The last option is my interpretation of the effect of AGA rules. At least one page (Chinese Counting) suggests the half/half score adjustments. CGoban3 (KGS) adds the handicap to White's score.

Again, what do people do in practice?

xela: Re: Handling of Komi and Handicap (2008-09-02 03:28) [#5051]

Yes, this does need attention. The page as it stands now is confusing: under the heading Determining your score we are told to add the komi to white's score, but under heading Half Counting, to subtract it from Black's score. I don't have enough experience with Chinese counting to be sure what is usually done. Can someone else clarify this?

axd: H-1! (2015-11-24 18:41) [#10625]

the handicap substraction is wrong : White should receive (or Black substract) H-1 points, correct?

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