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Simple joseki question [#945]

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reply Simple joseki question (2007-04-11 07:36) [#3284]

Recall the joseki


A well-known joseki

after 10, black clearly needs to capture.
There are several places where I have seen this used as an
example of tesuji; black should play as follows:


A well-known joseki continuation

 And now white plays somewhere down the side to use the wall. 
Black's play is clever, the obvious descent of 1 at 2 leaves
bad aji. This is a tricky point as it also seems to take
sente, so it is not so easy to be sure it is really worse.
This is not my question, however. What I've never understood
is what is wrong with 1 at 3:

Not good?

This seems the obvious and clean capture.   Comparing this to 
the standard joseki, the difference is the exchange of marked
stones here:


This seems a natural exchange, and it isn't clear to me how 
forcing it now favors black. I guess I can see how this
exchange is white's priviledge, so forcing it can't really
hurt black - but what other options does white have that make
black prefer to have it settled now?
Bill: Re: Simple joseki question (2007-04-11 17:39) [#3288]


Herman is right. The descent is White's play, not the hane.


Descent, too

White can play the descent here, too, aiming at Wa.

However, black+circle threatens to play at W1, so that, unless White plays a descent immediately, White must play the atari, leaving the standard diagram.



Now White's connection is not as good as either descent.

That's why the diagonal play is standard.

HermanHiddema: Tewari diagram analysed (2007-04-11 10:06) [#3285]

The exchange in the last diagram labeled Tewari is not good for white. It is an endgame exchange after which white must defend. If he doesn't defend, he shouldn't play it. If white wants to play here now to strengthen his group, he should play the descent.

So by playing the joseki move, black forces white to make an unfavorable exchange. White can't ignore because then the black hane is very strong.

SteveKroon: Fascinating (2007-04-12 12:43) [#3291]

Thanks for the responses, guys. Interesting stuff.

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