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bugcat: "Redmond hub"? (2020-06-28 01:31) [#11544]

Michael Redmond's made a _lot_ of content, perhaps more than a hundred videos if you add together all the stuff he's done for the AGA Youtube channel, on the AGA Twitch channel, and now on his own Youtube channel.

Should we look it possibly separating out his content into its own page and leaving the main one for his biography, and finding a good way to organise that content?

PeterHB: Ask not we, but you. (2020-06-28 10:42) [#11545]

Another possible way is for you to create a new page organised to your vision, and curate links or add content in a way that you think adds value. If people like it, they may use it, or come and add to your vision.

One can ask what others can do, or one can just pick up a tool and get to work. There is a serious lack of shortages of chiefs, leaders, officers, managers, supervisors, directors and delegators in the world. The same is not true of doers.

One great feature of SL is you can just do, without asking permission.

Dieter: ((no subject)) (2020-06-29 10:21) [#11546]

That's maybe a little harsh: I made a similar comment some time ago and the prudent would-be editor replied that SL doesn't look like something you can freely edit, as it's in a stable state.

We, admins or others who remember the more lively days, don't see it that way and think it's obvious you can simply edit.

So that's the message: you can freely edit pages if you think they need improvement and even more so create new pages if you think they're missing.

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