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What is the counter to "Ask for a million undos" trick on kgs? [#890]

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yoyoma: What is the counter to "Ask for a million undos" trick on kgs? (2007-02-23 03:59) [#3122]

I thought I read somewhere that you could just not answer the dialog and make your move... but the dialog was popping up over and over, and I risked not being able to move in the blitz time controls we were using. I tried moving the dialog to the side but it would keep popping up right in the middle of the board.

Then I decided to just leave the game, but even this was hard to do with out losing on time, the leave game dialog and the undo dialog were both there at the same time...

LukeNine45: Re: What is the counter to "Ask for a million undos" trick on kgs? (2007-02-23 05:50) [#3124]

Maybe there is an admin-getting tesuji? Re: What is the counter to "Ask for a million undos" trick on kgs? (2007-08-29 11:23) [#3866]

UffeHellum Just resign. The fool wants a rank that is inappropriate for his skill. Let him. Your own rank quickly adjusts itself to the correct level on KGS. His incorrect rank will be harder for him to maintain the further he gets above his true level. If you really care, you can blacklist him personally or report his inappropriate behavior to an admin. Who cares; he is throwing away the opportunity to play real games.

Real men never undo! If my mouse acts up, I should buy a new mouse. (I did). If I make a foolish move, I'll lose this game and win the next one.

Never ever ask for undo, unless you truly believe your friend would be unhappy about winning because of a bad play.

You should never touch the stone until you have decided where to play. Likewise, once you've played a fast move, you've also forfeited your right to think about it.

Did I mention that undo is only for kids and rude people?

Reuven: don't get into the to-(let-)undo-or-not discussion... (2007-08-29 13:24) [#3868]

would u really like to win by an obvious misclick? i let my opponent undo and ask for it when it happens... of course some people prefer to let a misclick spoil a game (there's more to it than winning or losing, in my opinion) so it comes down to personal preference... Re: don't get into the to-(let-)undo-or-not discussion... (2014-03-11 03:15) [#9978]

I've definitely been in situations before when a guy thinks out his move and then, after seeing my move asks for an undo.

TamsinJones: ((no subject)) (2007-02-23 12:24) [#3126]

Tamsin: It only happened to me once. I sent a private message saying "please stop it" and continued refusing the undo. If such a person thought I would lose patience, he was wrong. Of course, after the game there is also the classic censorship-plus-no-more-games-with-that-individual tesuji.

reply ((no subject)) (2007-08-29 14:41) [#3869]

Warfreak2: The solution is relatively easy, just leave the "undo request" window open, without responding to it, and continue to play. Since there is already an unanswered undo request, the opponent cannot request again.

reply ((no subject)) (2008-07-30 05:29) [#4923]

jsc:thats never happened to me, but id say just yell at them and throw your mouse across the room.

X Re: ((no subject)) (2008-07-31 01:56) [#4926]

This thread is ridiculously old, and since it was posted, WMS has come up with an option to deny your opponent of undos after about 4 times of him asking for one.

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