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How do you select your national representative? (for WAGC and other) [#889]

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reply How do you select your national representative? (for WAGC and other) (2007-02-22 18:01) [#3116]

I am interested in how national go associations/federations select their representative for international tournaments, mainly for World Amateur Go Championhsip (WAGC) and possibly other similar events (Amateur Oza, European Youth etc.). Usually it is not as simple as making a tourney and sending the winner, as this approach may end up selecting the same few individuals each time. Some associations explain their system in their web site, but usually it is not in english or basicly lacks enough detail. I want to learn about as many contries as possible and I would be glad if you can explain basics of your contries selection policy (or direct me to some webpage). For a good example of what I am talking about please see [ext] BGA web pages on the issue. I am not expecting to get such extensive documentation about other countries, its good if I can though. But if you can explain your country in a general sense thats good enough for me. We may even produce an SL page out of this - i couldnt find something on his subject. Thx. -- Kivi

HermanHiddema: System in the Netherlands (2007-02-22 18:09) [#3117]

In the Netherlands, a points system is used. The top 5 players in the national championship earn 6, 4, 3, 2 and 1 point respectively. Players can accumulate points this way over several years.

Every year the player with the highest number of points is eligible to enter the WAGC. If this player declines the invitation, the next highest player on the list is eligible, etc. The player that goes to the WAGC loses all his points.

In case of ties, the player that finished highest at the most recent championshis had precedence.

It is possible that there are multiple international event that require a representative (eg Korean Prime Ministers Cup), in which case the procedure is repeated. So a player that has already been to an event (losing all his points) will not be sent to another event.

LukeNine45: AGA (2007-02-22 18:15) [#3118]

We do something similar in the US: [ext] http://www.usgo.org/usa/invitational.html

xela: similar in Australia (2007-02-23 05:06) [#3123]

We have a similar "credit points" system here in Australia, but slightly more complicated. I think the intention is to favour the stronger players but not send the same person every time. The national championships are the main source of credit points, but you can also earn smaller numbers of points for state championships, for being a tournament director (so that there's an incentive for stronger and more experienced players to help run tournaments) and for promotion at dan levels. Points "depreciate" by 10 per cent each year, and the cost of attending the WAGC is not to have the points reset to zero, but to lose a fixed number of points (and a larger number the second and subsequent times).

reply Austria (2007-02-23 09:53) [#3125]

We have a point system where people qualify for a group of 6

in a round robin tournament they get points every year

the one with the most points gets to go to WAGC

for details (in german)

[ext] http://www.goverband.at


Qualifikation zur World Amateur Go Championship

Phelan: Portugal (2007-02-24 18:54) [#3127]

We also have a point system, with points being given to the best 6 players in each qualifying tournament. At time of selection to a international championship, such as WAGC or KPMC, we contact the player with most points. If he can't go, he loses 2 points, and go down the list doing this until one can go. Also, players that don't participate in a qualifying tournament lose 1 point.

SteveKroon: South Africa (2007-03-16 07:43) [#3195]

Our system is similar to that in use by Australia, with the same motivation. A general description is available at [ext] http://www.sagoclubs.co.za/saga/wagc/ . The description there was accurate until end of 2005. Since then, one can also earn points in internet tournaments, which are held quarterly.

reply Australian Credit Point system (2007-06-07 08:03) [#3427]

Actually we depreciate by 20% per year, to enable new players to get into the running more quickly. And we dropped the points for Dan promotion as it caused some friction. The official rules can be found at our website [ext] http://AustralianGo.asn.au/Files.php

xela: Re: Australian Credit Point system (2007-06-07 12:12) [#3428]

Thanks for the info, whoever you are! I had no idea the rules had been changed--maybe someone on the AGA committee should send a notice out via the mailing list, and also put something in the Sydney Go Journal?

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