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Malcolm: Thanks unkx80 (2007-02-01 13:55) [#3036]

I just wanted to thank you for your past and present help with go problems! Also, I enjoyed looking at [ext] your problems.

Your help is very welcome! Yours sincerely Malcolm Schonfield

thanatos13: Re: Thanks unkx80 (2009-05-12 15:37) [#6033]

I second this motion to thank unkx80 (hehe) Your questions are awesome:P

Unkx80: Re: Thanks unkx80 (2009-05-12 16:16) [#6034]

Thanks for the compliments, you are welcome. Glad that you enjoyed my problems.

To thantos13: Through today's problems I have a handle of what your level is like. While nobody on SL is posting problems of difficulty suitable for you, you may want to go through the other beginner exercises. As there are more than 200 problems in this series covering diverse aspects of basic life-and-death techniques, and the problems are not of uniform difficulty, I would say that it may be worth going through some of the harder ones again. If you master them all, you would definitely no longer be a beginner.

thanatos13: Re: Thanks unkx80 (2009-05-13 18:42) [#6037]

I did the beginner questions again and I didn't get some of them the second time (it might be because I'm sick, or not. I can tell that my reading level is worse). I didn't really mind doing them again or four times (as I'm sure we all love go). So I was wrong when I said that doing questions again won't help much.

Reuven: ((no subject)) (2009-09-29 13:42) [#6425]

just wanted to fourth-it (second it, style @_@), your [ext] work is wonderful!

would it perhaps be possible to add a suggested problems page somewhere?

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