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Is Lee Hyuk really dead ? [#815]

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reply Is Lee Hyuk really dead ? (2007-01-02 18:30) [#2875]

hello Velobici

I read that you added theht Lee died in 1997. I wonder if you don't get a confusion between Lee Hyuk (who, according to the EGF rating, still played in one tournament in 2006) and Park Sang-Nam, another 7-d korean player, who indeed died in 1997 ?...

Jean-Denis Hennebert

velobici: Re: Is Lee Hyuk really dead ? (2007-01-02 18:46) [#2876]

I did not add that he died...I changed for format of the page and thereby created version 5

Version 3 contained:

Lee Hyuk (version 3)

   Keywords: People

Lee Hyuk is a strong Korean amateur 7 dan, who has been European Champion. He worked in an economics institute, in Moscow, died in 1997.

Dieter: ((no subject)) (2007-01-02 19:01) [#2877]

I met him in 2000 at the Moscow tournament. Later that night we went to a concert of Elvis Presley, performing some songs of the late Paul Mc Cartney. I had a great time with Lee.

Phelan: Moving discussion (2007-01-02 20:27) [#2878]

Do any of you mind if I move this discussion to Lee Hyuk's page? In the meantime, I linked this forum from there.

velobici: Re: Moving discussion (2008-03-23 14:39) [#4538]

Not at all. Please do.

tapir: Re: Moving discussion (2009-06-10 23:52) [#6128]

Can we verify the data and then delete this discussion? It is somehow strange. Re: Moving discussion (2016-08-04 15:42) [#10753]

Hi is alive and well at the EGC 2016 in Russia!

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