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Fixed Game Challenge Parameters [#664]

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reply Fixed Game Challenge Parameters (2006-10-12 15:39) [#2265]

One of the great advantages of KGS over other servers, the easily changable parameters in a game challenge window, is now lost. Why? Why not leave it at least to the offering player (via a checkbox) whether he will allow altering proposals for the time and rules parameters by the opponent, which the player then confirms? Now the players have to do what the programmer wants, not what they want. The current chat, close game offer window, and open a new game offer window is extremely nasty. Fixed game parameters mean that it will take twice as long for an opponent to come on average. --RobertJasiek

blubb: Re: Fixed Game Challenge Parameters (2006-10-12 16:43) [#2266]

I also miss that, since I like people to adjust my settings, as well as to adjust others when I challenge. But if I, as a challenger, had to choose between adjustability only (as it was) and chat only (as it is now), I`d take the latter. Instead of suggesting a change silently, I`m supposed to negotiate with the offerer verbally now. That`s ok with me.

I`m not sure if I understand your comment on "the current chat, close game offer window, and open a new game offer window" correctly. Do you close the game setup window in order to put up a changed offer? You don`t have to. As the offerer, you can still adjust challenges you recieve. Or do you close the game setup window in order to decline a challenge? That`s not necessary, either. For that, there is a little "X" button beside the name of the challenger. Re: Fixed Game Challenge Parameters (2006-10-12 16:42) [#2267]

Ok, I am learning CGoban3 and believe you that the offerer can change. So far I have not received chats with requests to change and only noticed the offerers' behaviour to close the offer window and open it afresh with then new settings because they also did not know that they might change directly. This is not a sign of a user friendly process. --RobertJasiek Re: Fixed Game Challenge Parameters (2006-10-12 18:32) [#2269]

This is explained here: [ext] ,

wms: Future plans for challenge window (2006-10-12 19:40) [#2271]

There are definitely problems with the new, less-editable challenges.

As I said in the KGS status page, my next feature add for KGS will be an automatch system, similar to what people have seen (and liked) on cyberoro, tom, IGS, etc.

Once that is done, the current challenge system will be a way to set up "custom games" (where you choose the players and parameters by hand). That will mean pretty big changes to the challenge code in general. So after the automatch is up and running and settled, then I'll come back to challenges, and do what seems right to make it be as useful as possible alongside the automatches.

X Re: Future plans for challenge window (2006-10-13 08:33) [#2275]

This project progress is fair enough, and thank you for all your efforts anyway! If you like to get comments on your later plans to improve the GUI and functionality of the challenge window (before you would go through actually writing code for that), I (or others) might comment from a user's POV. That could save you unnecessary work if otherwise you first wrote code and then waited for comments. --RobertJasiek

reply ((no subject)) (2006-10-22 01:18) [#2295]

Just my two cents : not being able to change parameters for playing with bots is very very annoying. (Anonymous).

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