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reply annoying (2006-09-19 14:15) [#2206]

sorry to interrupt all this praise, but i don't like being patronized by software: i like to do updates, when i want to do them. i want to install my software, where i want to install it. i want to have the option to associate extensions myself. the latter is solved, but the rest annoys me ...

axd: Re: annoying (2006-09-25 22:48) [#2222]

I agree.

There's an obscure paragraph mentioning "If you prefer to use a different application as your default SGF (go file) viewer, then it can become annoying because Java Web Start will ask to switch every time you launch CGoban 3. In that case, use this version instead:..."

Why would I ever want to let other software decide what my default SGF editor will be? We all know there are various SGF editors, why would one absolutely want to take monopoly here? Hmmm... I'm curious how long it will take before these annoyances are admitted as such by wms, and dealt with...

Zarlan: Re: annoying (2006-09-25 23:13) [#2223]

Well actually, for those programs I use by default, I like the option to let the program check if it is the default program every time it starts, in case some other program makes itself the default.

Of course I want it to be an option.

Zarlan: ((no subject)) (2006-09-19 19:05) [#2208]

I agree. I don't like that there is only a java web start version now.

X Re: ((no subject)) (2006-09-19 23:40) [#2210]

Add my vote: would like to have a choice where to install the Software. Gimme back my .tar.gz!

dnerra: Re: ((no subject)) (2006-09-20 04:52) [#2211]

I have to second this, if only because web start doesn't work on my system (a recent Linux; and no I won't update Java just for that, too much of a hassle to maintain a non-distribution package). Meanwhile, you can always do

wget [ext]
Zarlan: Re: ((no subject)) (2006-09-20 05:58) [#2213]

Not if you have windows...

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