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Request for testing 2.20 [#587]

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GillesArcas: Request for testing 2.20 (2006-08-09 00:34) [#2053]


I have uploaded an alpha release very close to the 2.20 version of Drago. If you are interested in doing some testing, take a look at:


This version includes the following features:

  • new format for translation files (should make translation process easier)
  • customizable and floating toolbars
  • customizable shortcuts (as for tool buttons, any editing, navigating, playing, ... command can be associated with a shortcut)
  • auto replay mode (using timing properties if available and stops at user defined targets)
  • extended navigation command (previous and next user defined target)
  • open folder command: all commands handling multi game files can now handle all the files in a folder (for instance, browsing the game index, printing or solving problems)

and some more minor features requested by users including:

  • light source origine setting
  • optional close button on tabs
  • extended stone setup (left-click/right-click and optional setup-swap color-remove sequence of clicks)
  • read only mode

The 2.20 version will be released at the beginning of September. A lot of testing will help to remove those little problems which could remain!


reply Found a bug in the "open folder" functionality (2006-08-22 22:06) [#2106]

When saving a game that has been opened using the "open folder" functionality, all the games in the folder are added into currently selected game file.

Gringo: ((no subject)) (2006-08-23 20:10) [#2114]

When you click the button "Game edit", two different options pop up that are named the same way: "Edit game Black first".

GillesArcas: New alpha release (2006-09-03 01:13) [#2156]


New 2.20 alpha release at:


Thanks a lot for reports. Reported problems should be fixed.


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