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Living with false eyes [#4242]

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reply Living with false eyes (2017-09-06 16:16) [#11004]
Living with two false eyes  
reply Fetus in fetu (2017-09-06 17:17) [#11005]

I call this "Fetus in fetu" and this is not covered in my theory. But thank you for your comment.

X Re: Fetus in fetu (2017-09-07 16:11) [#11007]

You call it "fetus in fetu", but does anyone else? I've never heard that medical term used for this kind of life in Go (instead "false eye life", DoubleHeadedDragon, snake/dragon eating its own tail) and I don't see the allusion of a little version of something living in a bigger one: the 2 false eyes are equal in importance. So I'd suggest calling it by a more familiar name.

reply Living inside (2017-09-07 17:16) [#11008]

In your example white is living inside black

reply Fetus (2017-09-07 17:17) [#11009]

Thank you for your response. I will consider changing it

PJTraill: False eye misnomer? (2018-03-21 22:43) [#11098]

It seems to me that calling these eyes false means one’s definition of ‘false eye’ is unsatisfactory.

X Re: False eye misnomer? (2018-05-17 15:09) [#11117]

After I have discovered the property of omitting corner stones in the squares as being equal to the number of connections to other squares, I would no longer refer to eyes as being false. I would rather say that there are too few connections to other squares or too many omitted corner stones

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