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Unkx80: Bugs (2006-04-08 21:47) [#1399]

I believe the following may be bugs in Drago, based on the output seen at [ext], mentioned in topic:281.

  • Figure 61. Apparently the captured white stone was not removed from the diagram.
  • Figure 84. The white stone at F4 should be shown. A principle in diagrams is that the starting position should be reproducible by removing all numbered stones.
GillesArcas: Re: Bugs ... No bugs, lighter PDF and Drago beta release (2006-04-09 01:19) [#1400]

At less in this case, there are not bugs. The pdf file is extracted from a sgf file which is more a sequence of positions drawn with setup commands than a standard sequence of moves. Just refer to the original sgf file [ext]

Note this file has no move and to export it to pdf, it has been necessary to create some by adding pass moves at every nodes.

Drago 2.10 is able to produce lighter pdf. A 225 kb file is available at [ext]

Drago 2.10 will be released soon and is available now as a beta release at [ext]

Any comment welcome.


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