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reply Can't view KGS games (2006-03-16 02:13) [#1295]

Whenever I try to load a game from the KGS archives it only says "Invalid property name" and doesn't load it, even though this error is simply caused by some KGS*[] properties _which can safely be ignored_.

This is very annoying because I'd rather like to use Drago rather than the memory-hungry KGS client as my default SGF viewer. :(

So, suggestion: gracefully ignore inavlid properties. Notify the user in some way, but don't _refuse_ to load the file. :/

ChiyoDad: Re: Can't view KGS games (2006-03-16 04:50) [#1296]

There's a check-box in the Options menu which will allow you to "Accept long property names". Selecting this box will eliminate the problem. Hope this helps.

You might be using an older version of Drago. The latest versions have this box checked by default.

reply ((no subject)) (2006-03-20 15:08) [#1304]

(This was supposed to be a reply to the above, I am a forum idiot as well.)

Ah, thanks, I am an idiot! I am using version 2.0 but I installed it over the old one so maybe the configuration wasn't overwritten.

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