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reply do you play? (2006-03-04 05:33) [#1248]

I'm not sure what the point is. Yeah, I can play against myself. Wow. I set up the "Game Engine" but...I'm still just playing against myself.

The first thing the player wants to see is:

Choose: 1: Human vs. Human. 2: Human vs. Computer.

I can't find that option anywhere.

Okay, I figured it out. You press the ying yang on the far right of the icon menu.

Listen. Honestly, when someone goes to New > File, GIVE THEM THE OPTION TO START RIGHT THERE. Don't make them poke around through a bunch of un-intuitive widgets to figure out the basic functionality. The game seems nice otherwise.

Hikaru79: ((no subject)) (2006-03-04 05:54) [#1249]

Drago is first and foremost an SGF editor, not a GnuGO client. As such, there is nothing wrong with the placement of the controls.

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