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reply Move evaluation software? (2016-12-07 13:18) [#10860]

Hi - I started playing go earlier this year, completely obsessed with it. The one tool for my study that I feel would be really useful is software that would allow me to set up a board position (I play mostly 9x9 due to time constraints) and then have the computer make not just a single hint for the best next move (which most programs offer - I don't find it that useful) but to mark on the board *multiple* possible next moves, ideally with an indication of their relative value. I.e. it could mark the top 10 moves (or whatever) and show how good they are / what order the AI ranks them in. I'm particularly interested in knowing how the moves that I make in my games compare with the other options. Was it the best move? If it wasn't the best, was it nearly the best or was it a disaster? What are the other options I should have considered? I find it difficult / time consuming to answer these questions at the moment, and a single 'hint' really doesn't cut it.

Does such a piece of software exist? I'd be prepared to pay good money for this :-). Obviously it's only any use if the AI is a strong player, but there are plenty of AIs out there that are WAY better than me at this stage. Any help greatly appreciated, thank you.

PeterHB: Perhaps Go++ (2016-12-08 00:21) [#10861]

I'm not aware of an exact match to your request. I think the "Good shape" display of GoPlusPlus V7 Deluxe edition appears to be close to what you are asking for. Its not software i've got, so i can't be sure. Relevant page [ext] http://www.goplusplus.com/shape.htm

Otherwise, just try some of the other Go software. For instance SmartGo for Windows creates a little analysis graph that shows its estimate of who is winning at each move. It also tries to indicate its estimates of which groups are alive or dead, and patterns of influence on the board. So not exactly what you wish for, but may be useful nonetheless. (SmartGo is software I've got.)

OscarBear: ((no subject)) (2016-12-08 09:23) [#10864]

Leela is offering this kind of functionality now - although until it goes commercial it won't look super slick

X Re: ((no subject)) (2016-12-09 11:54) [#10865]

Leela is pretty much *exactly* what I was looking for - thanks so much. You're right that the user interface is a bit clunky at present but that doesn't get in the way of it being a brilliant tool.

The only way it could really be improved for me is if it were available on iOS or Android, but we can't have everything, can we?

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