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Author now reowns articles [#3242]

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reply Author now reowns articles (2016-04-06 19:34) [#10706]

The article now contains a claim that we should not link to Internet Archive versions of the articles from MSOWorld. It's a bit unclear where Fairbairn asked for this...private communication, public request, et. Can that be clarified?

In addition, it seems a bit odd to remove a link to the Web Archive. The Web Archive followed robots.txt, and will review content based on an email request ([ext] It would be more in keeping with both the legal requirements and custom for any questions to be settled by contacting them. It is the prerogative of John/MSO to request that the content not be archived, but if it is archived, it anyone's prerogative to link to it. --Hyperpape

tapir: Re: Author now reowns articles (2016-04-06 20:57) [#10707]

John Fairbairn has not only publicly expressed his frustration with the violations by the internet archive (and the fraud that is their procedure to get content removed from it), he also noted the failure of SL to remove links. (Here and L19, multiple occasions, at least one exchange with me.) I personally did remove a fair amount of these links at one point, but apparently not all of them. If I recall correctly I even removed a number of pages that would have been empty without the link and content directly lifted from an article.

This being a wiki it would be anyone's prerogative to remove (even perfectly legal) links out of courtesy. Re: Author now reowns articles (2016-04-06 22:13) [#10708]

Anonymous: And to be clear, someone innocently re-added the link a couple of days ago. I simply removed it again. (Noting that tapir and I previously removed these links in the past at request of the copyright holder, John Fairbairn.)

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