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Commented games for non-go players/absolute beginners [#3091]

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reply Commented games for non-go players/absolute beginners (2014-11-26 21:58) [#10320]

Sooooooo, my family is really really supportive and now that I'm in a league with official matches and easily accessible game records, they want to be able to occasionally watch some important games, but the most seasoned player among the people who are interested has played a grand total of 2 19x19 games taking 9 stones and losing by a lot (we're in a really low-go area, it's pretty much just me) so are there any game commentaries meant for absolute beginners, just to give people a way of following what's going on the same way some guy whose never played basketball might want to just watch a basketball game and understand more or less what's going on...

Dieter: ((no subject)) (2014-11-27 00:29) [#10321]

I don't think a 19x19 go game is intelligible for a complete novice who has no idea of the rules. Things happen on the board, like groups running and other groups not running and players switching to other places at seemingly random moments. You have to understand the concept of eyes and eyespace to see why groups are doing what they do. You have to explain an awful lot and even then people will just have to accept it without really getting it.

This is unlike basketball where the purpose of the game is plain to see even for someone who has never seen basketball before. Perhaps it won't always be clear why a player is faulted but it doesn't distract from that single goal: put the ball into the basket. Add a comment on 3 pointers and you can basically enjoy it like the majority of fans does.

I would recomment to interested parties that they take a shot (pun not intended) at playing a small board game with stone counting rules. Once they get the idea of healthy groups and not so healthy groups, I think a 19x19 game may be enjoyable, although they will frown upon the early ending.

X Re: ((no subject)) (2014-11-27 03:22) [#10322]

Bob McGuigan: I think there is a commented 9x9 game in Go for Beginners by Iwamoto. That game and comments might help an absolute beginner to appreciate the game.

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