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Ang -Yue Go School, a bit too prominent? [#305]

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Hicham: Ang -Yue Go School, a bit too prominent? (2006-02-17 23:17) [#1060]

Somebody seems to be putting links on a lot pages. Might be a bit too commercial. I am at work right now, so I can't change them all now.

Phelan: Re: Ang -Yue Go School, a bit too prominent? (2006-02-17 23:01) [#1061]

I thought so too. I'm removing the link and the blurb from pages where it isn't appropriate.

Frango: Re: Ang -Yue Go School, a bit too prominent? (2006-02-18 00:29) [#1062]

I am the one who put those links, it has nothing to do with Li Ang and Li Yue directly, I just found that guide and since I thought it was a good guide for players, I wanted to make it possible for more people to see it. Also, I wouldn't say it was inappropriate, and I see no blurb, only taking about a guide and saying who made it. please read the guide first and put it to a more appropriate place, now it's only at the bottom of a page.

Phelan: Re: Ang -Yue Go School, a bit too prominent? (2006-02-18 17:07) [#1068]

I am sorry for reacting to it as if it were spam, but it was pasted over a few pages, not paying attention to the structure that was already there...I only removed the link from the pages where I thought it didn't match the current content.

I still left the link as it was in Teacher, LiYue, LinkCollection, LiAng. In HowAndWhatToStudy, I only moved the link to the appropriate place, the list of homepages advising self study. If you prefer, you can move the link to the top of the list.

Frango: Re: Ang -Yue Go School, a bit too prominent? (2006-02-18 18:13) [#1069]

Oh, I thought we were mainly talking about the guide...

In Teacher, LiYue, and LiAng, it was not a direct link to the guide so I don't think these can count as links you left...

Also, I think that before doing things such as moving everything, you should post a comment so that the person who created it can see by himself and change it if need be. I don't think it was appropriate to do that directly.

I do agree that I paid more attention to the title of the pages (ex. Beginner Study Section) than to the content, but I don't consider it wrong to put it on pages where it matched the title, because I think, and this is my opinion as it was your opinion that it was inappropriate, that people who go on those pages for the first time would be happy or would even expect to find something similar to the guide and which most of all matches the title of the page...

Beginner study section: the study guide has a special section for beginners too, so I think it has its place there, same goes for advanced study section, because there is a section in the guide for dan players...

Please, don't take actions on impulse, this was impolite and unfair for that go school that has nothing to do with it and still got that terrible "Ang-Yue Go School, a bit too prominent?"

Hicham: Re: Ang -Yue Go School, a bit too prominent? (2006-02-20 16:00) [#1074]

Frango, I had no intention of putting the Ang-Yue go school in a bad position, though I admit that my title could have been a bit more tactful. If some people read it that way, I appoligize to Ang and Yue.

But your links were placed on pages, without paying much attention to the pages themselves. Immagine if anybody started doing that, SL would quickly become an unreadable mess. People have put a lot of time and effort in the pages here, so when you just put your link on top of the page like that, I got a bit irritated.

I hope we can finish this without bad feelings Frango, we both wanted to do something good for the go community.

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